Gold 99.999%



Nickel 99.99%



Titanium 99.995%



Vanadium 99.8%



Our sources, pellets, and wire are made from high-purity elemental metals. We can custom-alloy just about any combination of elements to make evaporation pieces, regardless of the material malleability. Some of our more popular materials include:

1. aluminum-lithium and aluminum-silver (all ratios)
2. gold-beryllium, gold-tin and gold-zinc (all ratios)
3. ultra-high purity 99.999% gold, 99.999% platinum, and 99.999% silver
4. barium and calcium
5. chromium and chromium alloys
6. copper-nickel, aluminum-silicon-copper
7. dysprosium, erbium, europium, and other lanthanides
8. iron and iron alloys
9. magnesium and silver-magnesium
10. molybdenum and molybdenum alloys
11. nickel and nickel alloys (nickel-chrome, nickel-manganese-gallium, etc)
12. osmium
13. rhenium
14. ruthenium
15. titanium and titanium alloys
16. tungsten and ti-tungsten


We arc-cast our element and alloy slugs in our own vacuum-arc melters, using an inert-gas atmosphere and cold-copper crucibles. Materials are then individually cast, extruded, rolled and cut, etc.

We can also provide hot-pressed ceramics: oxides, pure boron, etc.

Finally, our materials are vacuum-sealed and shipped to the customer, usually as soon as they are finished.
We offer quick turn-around times because we specialize in the research and development market.