Green Business Practices

ACI Alloys is committed to minimizing waste and pollution and maximizing wise conservation of our natural resources. To that end, we have adopted the following "green manufacturing business practices." The practices, as described below, exceed the recommendations of the Green Business Program of the City of San Jose, Ca.


Green Checklist for Manufacturing Businesses

Developed by ACI Alloys staff in June, 2007
Adopted by ACI Alloys Management Jan, 2008
(Latest update 10/12/09)


Management Practices
  • adopt a Green Policy
  • periodically review Policy
  • empower a Green Team
  • adopt an environmental management system
  • train employees for waste reduction
  • encourage bicycling/carpools/transit
  • de-subsidize parking
  • offer flex hours
  • offer telecommuting
  • communicate Green Policy to customers
  • locate centrally to minimize sprawl
mapCentral location, near downtown and airports


Environmentally-minded Joe, on bike


Building Practices
  • xeriscape the landscaping
  • optimize passive solar for summer/winter
  • use natural lighting where possible
  • use green materials in construction/decorating
  • shade vegetation over roads and parking
  • use BACT emissions controls
  • capture and reuse rainwater
  • optimize ventilation alternatives to heating/AC
  • maximize noise reduction
acihqPassive solar and xeriscaping


Manufacturing Processes
  • maintain and update safety equipment
  • upgrade to energy-efficient equipment
  • install low-wattage lighting
  • convert to biodegradable cleaning supplies
  • preventively maintain equipment
  • resell/donate old equipment
  • reuse materials where possible
  • recycle waste/scrap
  • install wastewater traps
  • source materials locally
scrap Metal scrap for reclaim equip-donate Equipment to donate


Office Practices
  • convert toward a paperless office
  • make two sided copies
  • recycle paper
  • recycle ink cartridges
  • recycle electronic equipment
  • use local suppliers
  • install low-flush toilets
  • switch to reusable from disposable kitchen service
recycle Paper/Can/Bottle recycling corner


  • reuse styrofoam peanuts
  • reuse boxes
  • recycle unusable packaging material
  • switch to paperless shipping
  • consolidate pickups and deliveries
  • upgrade to fuel-efficient vehicles
peanuts Stephen reusing peanuts


  • recycle water in cooling systems
  • use greywater irrigation
  • use electric company with renewable portfolio
  • install timers on irrigation, power, termostat, etc.
  • use motion sensors on lighting, monitors, etc.


Joe checking H2O recirculation tanks


Waste Handling
  • reclaim oil/lubricants/chemicals
  • separate recyclables from garbage
  • arrange landscaping waste pickup


Chau reclaiming oil
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