Prior to shipping, our quality control department rigorously verifies all aspects of your sputtering targets, evaporation material, or other specialty metal order.




Quality Control

Since 1985, ACI Alloys, Inc. has manufactured sputtering targets, evaporation sources, and specialty materials and shapes for thin-film applications. Our exacting standards and flexibility of fabrication methods makes us unique in materials world, which is why our customer base includes most of the world's principal academic and industrial research groups.


Our principal alloying process, vacuum-arc melting, minimizes contamination and results in high-purity sputtering targets, whether pure metal or custom alloy. We make use of a variety of proprietary techniques for maximizing uniformity and homogeneity, including:

  • arc force
  • multiple melts
  • master alloys
  • reference to phase diagrams
  • in-house material reference library


ACI Alloys has a full machine shop with turning, milling, rolling, heat treating, chopping, welding, bonding, and grinding capabilities. Our standard tolerances are specially suited for the sputtering target industry. Any special needs on dimensional tolerances can be addressed in your request for quote.

Quality control is overseen by Charles Albert, Ph.D. Composition is generally warranted to within 1% accuracy, which is higher than most analytical methods will be able to measure. Certificates of analysis for starting material are available for every order. MSDS information for all elemental metals are available on our MSDS page.